Classic Cyanotype Chemistry


Make blue sun prints! | Develops in water | No Darkroom Required | Safe for home use

Our Classic Cyanotype Chemistry comes pre-prepared as two solutions. Mix 1 part of Part A with one part of Part B to create the working solution.

The 100ml set will make 200ml of working solution – enough to coat 100 A4 sized sheets of paper.
The 200ml set will make 400ml of working solution – enough to coat 200 A4 sized sheets of paper.

Once mixed the cyanotype chemistry will keep for around two weeks, before slowly ‘fogging’ – your highlights will take longer to wash to white. Un-mixed chemistry has a shelf life of at least five years.

We recommend using the wee syringes sold at the chemist to mix of small quantities of working solution.

You can read about how safe the Cyanotype process is here

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