About The Lab

The Analogue Laboratory darkroom is available for hire.
Come along to one of our regular darkroom days, or hire it out for your exclusive use.

For those darkroom denizens who like the opportunity to work with others we open the darkroom for several days of each month at a rate of $40 per day for standard Black and White printing. If you’d rather have the place to yourself (you can bring friends if you like) we can organise private hire for $120 per day.

Black and White Darkroom hire is capped at 6 people per day and includes:

  • All standard film and paper developing chemistry (Developer, Stop Bath, Fix)
  • An enlarger set up to your specifications (35mm, 120 film formats, 4×5″, 5×7″, etc) with an easel and multigrade filters.
  • Access to both the main darkroom and film developing rooms, developing tanks, film drying cabinet, etc.
  • Gloves, paper towels, and various other standard consumables

Please note that it is expected that you be comfortable and capable of working in a Photographic Darkroom safely – we will ask what experience you’ve had. If you’ve never worked in a Darkroom before you should take one of our Darkroom workshops to learn the ropes. It’s a lot more fun and cheaper than trial and error. Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment. Send us an email or give us a call – we can make sure there’s an enlarger with your name on it.

Group Darkroom Hire

Group Darkroom Hire is another way that we would like to be able to facilitate darkroom practice in Adelaide. If you have a group of at least 3 people, we will endeavour to open the darkroom for you on any given day of the month, subject to availability. This can be a one off thing, a regular monthly meeting, or just a nice way to catch up with the people you like to hang out in a darkroom with. The darkroom will be set up to meet your needs as a group.

The same hire rate of $40 per person for the day, including black and white chemistry, still applies and is payable on arrival.

Would you like to make a group booking? Hit up your darkroom friends and then Get in touch. Make an appointment to come by the lab, have a peek, and get excited.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What developer do you have as standard?
A: For paper developing we use Kodak D-72 (Dektol) and for film developing we keep both ID-11/D-76 and Rodinal on hand.

Q: When does the day start and finish?
A: The day starts at 10:00 and ends at 4:30, and we do have to be firm on these times. The person who sets up the darkroom, supervises for the day and cleans up after you leave is a volunteer, so please be respectful of the start and finish times.

Q: What film formats can I develop?
A: We have tanks and reels for 35mm, 126, 127 and 120 format film. For 4×5″ and 8×10″ sheets we have film hangers and dip-and-dunk tanks. If you are planning to develop sheet film please let us know.

Q: I have thirty odd rolls of film to develop, can I come in on Sunday?
A: If you have a significant amount of film to develop, please get in touch with us. Darkroom Hire Days are intended to allow people to print some of their negatives and develop a couple rolls if they need to, if you have more than three or four rolls you should let us know so we can plan the day accordingly or book in a separate day to yourself as required.

Q: What about paper?
A: Black and White photographic paper can be purchased locally and online. Please check the Analogue in Adelaide page for more tips on where to find analogue materials. We love Ilford and Foma personally, but whatever you have you can use.

Q: Can I print colour negatives? (RA-4 chemistry)
A: Colour processing requires a different configuration of the room (deep green/yellow safelights), different chemistry (RA-4), use of a temperature controlled processor, as well as different paper. The Analogue Lab can be configured for Colour Negative printing as needed, but demand is limited so we dont run a colour printing day monthly. If you would like to print colour we’d be pretty excited to accommodate you – get in touch.

Q: Can I develop colour film?
A: While we do have all of the equipment to process colour film, we do not keep the chemistry on hand as there isnt a great deal of demand. If you would like to develop your own colour film at the lab let us know and we can accommodate you. Please check the Analogue in Adelaide page for tips on the best colour processing services in town.

Q: What about UV sensitive materials?
A: The Analogue Lab specialises in experimental and traditional techniques, most of which are largely sensitive to the Ultraviolet end of the spectrum. If you are looking to print alternative process materials please get in touch with us – Black and White Darkroom hire days are not intended for UV projects. There are lots of other days in the month that could be…

Q: I have an exhibition coming up and…
A: Let’s talk – if you need time in the darkroom to print a body of work we want to facilitate your awesomeness. The Analogue Laboratory is run by artists, for artists – we know what you’re up against.

Q: Can I…
A: Probably – get in touch and we’ll try to help you do whatever crazy thing you’re thinking of.

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