How we can help and getting in touch

The Lab is run by a small group of individuals who work full time as artists. As such, we don’t keep 9-5 hours, but we are here most days of the week working on our own projects or with others. If you are just looking to have your film processed, we suggest going to one of the larger labs like Atkins Techicolour or Black and White Photographics. Have a look at our Analogue in Adelaide page for a complete listing of the analogue photography services offered by small businesses in our city.
If you are looking to do something more interesting and have a project in mind, say, coating aluminium sheeting with photographic emulsion and printing giant murals, platinum printing, tintypes or daguerreotypes, we can help you from start to finish. In practice, we’re a bunch of artists who like to work with other artists – so get in touch, take one of our workshops and let’s Make Something.

0408 377 017 (Aurelia Carbone)
0405 092 592 (Alex Bishop-Thorpe)