conjugate : Cyanotype Zine by Véra Ada & Daniel Headland


Much loved Adelaide dynamos Véra Ada & Daniel Headland have combined their formidable talents to produce a limited edition cyanotype zine (we think it’s an artist’s book, but let’s not argue about it) that is a sincere tactile and visual treasure.

This thing, it’s so beautiful! Six double sided pages (how did they even do that??) of artworks made using a combination of three different cyanotype processes. Inside there are a selection of small things to make you smile, to be discovered and re-discovered every time you visit with this little book.

Inside the book there is a hearty endorsement to colour in any of the images – but I’m going to keep mine just how it is

NOW AVAILABLE – all proceeds go directly to the artists.


Out of stock


Super blue hand-made cyanotype zine (or artists book) by the incredible Véra Ada and Daniel Headland. Each one unique, in a super limited edition of however many Véra and Daniel make before they get distracted by their next project (and let’s face it, these take a good long while to make so that’s not going to be many!)

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