One of our own small resident artists, Orlando has been making cyanotype Christmas Cards for his friends using tracing paper to create a negative. Yes that iguana is on a trampoline, and yes they are having a great time.

Cyanotype Safety

With all this Doing Science With Cool Kids stuff comes the inevitable question of safety – is Cyanotype safe for children to work with? While the answer is simple, there’s a bit of misinformation out there, compounded by some assumptions. This post will go into the subject in detail.

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I don’t know why you say Goodbye, I say Hello (Some thoughts on the future of Instant Film)

As I’m sure most of you already know – in February 2016 Fujifilm Japan announced that they would soon cease production of their amazing FP-100C peel-apart polaroid-compatible film. This was the last of the professional instant colour films available, and we’ve found it really hard to say goodbye. FP 100C was the backbone of one of […]

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What’s In There?

Internet, meet The Analogue Laboratory. You guys have been flirting for a while, but it’s time to get some details out in the open. At the moment the Lab is pretty idle most weekdays. We think that’s a bit sad. Then we thought if we introduced everybody properly, maybe we could get this party started. […]

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How to: Turn a Film Pack Adapter into a Glass Plate Holder

Since I started playing with Silver-Gelatin Dry Glass Plates I’ve been keen to find some sort of plate holder that would fit my 4×5″ camera without a lot of fuss. Glass plates are generally 2mm thick, and of course don’t fit comfortably into a standard 4×5″ film holder. The Light Farm, that perennial goldmine of […]

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One of the basement darkrooms at GEH

Understanding Alchemy 101 at George Eastman House

In April 2015 it was *my* turn to get incredibly lucky. With enormous gratitude to the South Australian Arts funding body ArtsSA, I tootled off to George Eastman House in Rochester, New York to undertake a week long Ambrotype and Tintype workshop under the expert tutelage of Mark Osterman. Yes, I do mean THAT George […]

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Snow & Silver-Gelatin at The Banff Centre (Alberta, Canada)

Now and then, if you’re stupidly lucky, you get crazy opportunities to do absurdly fun things. (I have to note that this is two times in a row for me, if you’ve been reading the other blog posts) Since January 18th of this year I’ve had the pleasure to be one of the Artists in […]

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John had a brilliant/crazy idea to make giant negatives on ortho film for contact printing. No digital negatives for This Man! We convinced him to test one out with some cyanotype. Blue goo, we do love you.


The original Blue Goo is still the most archival of the photographic processes, and nothing could be easier or more versatile. Originally invented by our Main Man Sir John Herschel, deep thinker, tea drinker and dabbler botanist – who was looking for a way to make quick copies of all his science and astronomy notes […]

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On the side of the road in the Blue Mountains, New South Whales

Wet Plate in the field: taking the show on the road

When I’m not playing alchemist, I’m an artist (who coincidentally works principally in alchemy) – you can read a bit more about my practice and see some more examples of my work on my website. Recently I got to do one of the most absurdly fun things anyone has managed to come up with yet […]

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dev chart clip

It’s cold outside! Developing film in Winter (With developing chart download)

Adelaide has been struck by a particularly nippy winter, with a few sprinklings of snow being spotted, recorded, and promptly played in up in the Adelaide Hills. It can be hard to convince yourself to go play in the dark when it’s a lovely sunny day outside, but winter comes with it’s own set of […]

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She's so striking all on her own, but the chunk of clay connects her to the fictional landscape we are supposed to imagine her in.

Hello Alchemy, I Like Your Magical Style (or, What Is The Fuss About Wet Plate Collodion?)

I had no idea what my colleagues were so excited about. While I’d been away on a residency they’d found some new photonerdery to get all tripped out and obsessed on – nothing new on that score! But once I saw the images they were making, well… I had to have a looksee at the […]

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