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This Buffalo is Too Big: A quite important announcement

Many of you dear folks would have heard Alex entreat you to “Think of the Buffalo”, perhaps while posing for a Tintype portrait, or perhaps over a cup of tea and a biscuit at a workshop. We’ve finally taken a minute to take our own advice and guess what? The Buffalo is more than we bargained for, its time to set it free.

If you haven’t heard about The Buffalo, then this is probably not making much sense. What we are trying to say is we’ve decided to wrap up The Analogue Laboratory’s darkroom (Mark II) Our last darkroom day will be on Saturday the 9th of December (and yeah there’s still room if you want to come Make Things). Our last workshop at the current darkroom will be Cyanotype Sunday on the 10th of December (sold out, sorry).

This is a bit sad, and a bit exciting. We’ve made some good work in this space, we’ve met an awful lot of lovely people and we intend to keep making excuses to see you all as often as possible. Some of the absolute best human beings we have ever known we got to meet because they walked through a door and said they wanted to make a thing. We have had an incredible amount of support for something, which, by rights, is an utterly stupid idea that should have failed years ago. And nearly did, so many times – but ends now because we recognize in ourselves that we can’t continue as we have.

We are going to take a nice long deep breath and keep thinking about The Buffalo before we embark on The A.L. Darkroom Mark III. Never fear, there are plans afoot! And when the time comes we will be sure to let you know/ beg for helping hands/ humble brag our way through the process.

To all of you wonderful humans who helped us get this far, we would like to say Thank You. We couldn’t have done it without you. You know who you are ❤︎

In the meantime…
We would love to see all your lovely faces on Saturday the 9th, even if it’s just for a high five and to raid the biscuit jar.

Aaaand we will be selling some of our surplus equipment so if there’s something you need for your making space please let us know. Tardis, anyone?

We will continue to run workshops and offer our chemistry and equipment. The next event in our calendar is:

  • mini cyanotype workshops at Bowerbird Market 
  • November 25th & 26th
  • $10pp, bookings on the day


We’re not sure what the future holds just yet. But we believe in you because you believed in us, and we are so proud.