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Tea, anyone? Delana Carbone in tintype - one of our very first portraits.
Tea, anyone? Delana Carbone in tintype – one of our very first portraits.

What did photography look like before film?? It looked like this. It looked like an image made out of silver on a piece of blackened tin or a pane of glass. Even fresh out of the fixer it looked a bit old worldy, a bit gothic. It was a one-of-a-kind object, a treasure to keep close and pass down to your descendants. It’s happening all over the world: New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Adelaide, everywhere. Like many other spaces dedicated to analogue photograhy, The Analogue Laboratory is reviving the old art of tintypes and ambrotypes and offering you the opportunity to collaborate with us on your own Old School portrait. We use authentic 19th Century cameras and lenses to take your image using a process known as wet plate collodion. This is the heart of photography, where science and magic get funky – we invite you into the darkroom to watch the process unfold.

Pricing: 1st  5×7″ Plate on Tin or Glass  –  $150 Additional 5×7″ Plates  –  $60 Please contact us to make an appointment or with any queries about other sizing options – almost anything is possible.

A Portrait Studio session will require 1 – 3 hours of your time while we work together to make plates that you’re really happy with. These are treasures that will last many lifetimes – we want to be sure you’ll be happy with them! Each plate takes about 15 minutes to coat, shoot and process. It’s a time consuming process working with expensive materials, but the result is absolutely worth the time and effort.

If you are keen to have a tintype made but the price is out of your reach you might be interested in coming along to one of out Tintype Photobooths. We run these throughout the year at various events in Adelaide. Please join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming Tintype Photobooths.

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