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Are you an Analogue Photographer living in Adelaide, South Australia? Well you’re pretty lucky then, because there’s loads of businesses right here that will support your weird desire to stand in a cupboard at night doing art chemistry.

The Analogue Laboratory
6 Manton Street, Hindmarsh SA (google maps)

That’s us! While we don’t offer film or photographic paper for sale, we do offer a darkroom for hire (coming soonishly), a variety of workshops (taking a little break) and a selection of chemistry and photographic equipment (that one is still good to go 👌). We’ve been around since 2012 and we like to make things. Get in touch if you like to make things too.

Total Photographic Supplies
10 College Road, Kent Town (google maps)

Total Photographic Supplies (Formerly L&P Photo) have been around forever. They stock paper, chemistry and a very healthy fridge full of film  for you to rummage through, as well as all the usual digital cameras and such. You can buy everything you need for your black and white darkroom off the shelf, and if you want to process colour they can get that in for you too. They have a nice cabinet of second hand cameras on display and they’re tremendously knowledgeable and happy to have a chat.

They also have a back room of second hand equipment sold on consignment. You should visit at least monthly to check if there’s anything you ‘need’. Edit 2018: These guys just disappeared, taking some of our consignment equipment with them. We are sad on many levels.

Atkins Photo Lab
89 Fullarton Road, Kent Town (google maps)

And now you’ve been to Total Photographics, you should pop down the road to Atkins Technicolor, have a look in their film fridge too (it’s very very nice), and finally process that roll of 120 that’s been in your back pocket since last month. Atkins are the only Kodak Q-Lab in South Australia, they run the most advanced film processing line you can access. Do you have 8×10″ Colour Slide film you need to get processed? Atkins. Couple rolls o’ 35mm colour neg? Atkins. Digital Prints for your upcoming exhibition? Atkins. Pretty much anything you can’t or don’t want to do yourself in your laundry.

Black and White Photographics
31 George Street Stepney (google maps)

By now you’ll start to think there’s some sort of conspiracy to put all of these places in a few block radius, and I have no evidence to suggest there isn’t. Black and White Photographics is your other major lab option in Adelaide, offering Black and White, Colour Neg and Colour Slide film processing as well as digital printing services. They’ll also sell you film straight from their website, and have a very nice fridge full of it in store too – go in, have a chat, see what they can do for you.

Twin City Camera House
120 Grenfell St, Adelaide (google maps)

Twin City have a wee selection of film in their fridge, generally more expensive than Total Photographics, Atkins or Black and White Photographics, but if you’re in Rundle Mall they’re the place to go. They also offer a reliable repair service. While you’re there you should also stare longingly at their window of used equipment, because maybe if you look at them with those sullen, puppydog eyes they’ll just give you that Leica M3.

PhotoCo Camera House
5 Western Roadway Central Markets, Adelaide (google maps)

Oh My. Oh my my my my. Well now. By now you’ve seen the floor to ceiling, wall to wall glass cabinets stocked with used film cameras, shiny and dancing before your eyes, and you’re starting to have some heart palpitations. It’s a good thing you spent all your money on film earlier, because surely you need at least eight of everything here. Don’t worry, you can come back. The stock turns over pretty regularly so keep an eye on it, and don’t forget they have a very reliable film processing service here too, if you’d like your film back quickly and conveniently – colour negative, 35mm and 120. Walk in and have a chat, and ask Steve about his camera collection. It’s bigger than yours.

ACE Chemicals
119 Mooringe Ave, Camden Park (google maps)

Down the line when you’re more experienced you’ll probably want to get into Alternative Process work, and when you do you’ll start asking yourself, ‘where would I even buy Sodium Thiosulfate or Silver Nitrate to begin with’? ACE Chemicals is your answer, right here in Adelaide. Have a look at their very very extensive product list, email them to check on the price and organise an order for pick-up. Be aware that some chemistry may be on a watch list and require a purchase order from an institution or full disclosure of the formulae you’re compounding. Always make sure you’ve looked up the Material Safety Data Sheet relevant to the product you intend to use and feel confident that you can handle it safely

ASIS Scientific
474 Port Road, Hindmarsh (google maps)

When it comes to the tricky and weird chemicals, ASIS Scientific are your people. They’ve worked with plenty of analogue photographers before (including us!), so you wont get treated like a complete weirdo when you turn up asking for Strontium Chloride or Lithium Bromide. They also stock lab equipment that we actively covet. They’re enthusiastic, sympathetic and keen to help – we recommend them very highly.

Art Stretchers
161 Morphett St, Adelaide (google maps)

Some of your alternative process work is going to require Hake Brushes, Pigments, Ink, Gum Arabic, Calcium Carbonate, and an endless amount of fine cotton-rag paper. Art Stretchers stock a wide range of materials, a great selection of paper, and are distributors for Art Spectrum products, which are made in Australia and pretty excellent quality. They’re also distributors for Kremer pigments.

Shop 12, Ground Floor, Adelaide Arcade (google maps)

Not your usual photography store, but they do stock Lomo and Polaroid cameras, plus Impossible film. Lots of neat quirky things, and analogue to the bone. Well worth a look if you’re down that way, Kate’s a photographer herself and always great to have a chat to.

Hutt Street Photo
186 Hutt Street, Adelaide (google maps)

A reliable, good old fashioned one-hour lab processing colour negative film (35mm to 120) daily, with film on the shelf for sale.

City Cross Camera House
T38 City Cross Arcade Adelaide (google maps)

Fairly limited selection of analogue stuff, some film, Ilford Black and White paper and some chemistry, but very handy if you’re in the city and in a hurry or already in City Cross buying Donuts. We know you were, it’s okay.

Teds Rundle St
212 Rundle St, Adelaide (google maps)

A little bit of Film, Paper and Chemistry on the shelves, worth a look if you’re going past.

Australia Wide

Daylesford, Victoria

Nanolab are the place to go if you shoot Super-8. They’re a fully dedicated small-gauge motion picture lab, and do it better than anybody else. You can buy your film here at very reasonable prices and mail it back to them for processing, with digital transfer if you need, and go to town.

Gold Street Studios
Trentham, Victoria

Ellie Young and Gold Street started it all. If there was an analogue photography Mecca in Australia, it would be Gold Street. They offer workshops in some incredible processes, have gorgeous facilities and will even sell you chemistry kits, for those times when you don’t want to go hunting for obscure, individual chemicals for weeks. They also sell some very lovely hand-made contact printing frames.

Photo Resource Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Victoria

Photo Resource has been around forever and staunchly supports analogue photography and darkroom techniques – excellent prices on film and equipment.

The Film Bloke
Armadale, Western Australia

A relatively new player in the Australian analogue scene, but we’ve had great experiences. Excellent prices on film – well worth a look.

Blanco Negro Supplies
Sydney, New South Whales

Chris Reid is one of Australia’s most renowned master printers and offers a full fine print darkroom service in Sydney, and is also the importer for FOMA photographic materials in Australia. FOMA paper is our favourite, and Chris is a legend.

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