Thank You

In March 2013 The Analogue Lab relocated to The Mill Arts Hub, right in the heart of Adelaide. This was a monumental move with days of packing followed by three very large truck loads, and then unpacking it all again. With the help of a Pozible campaign sixty supporters strong we raised the money needed to build our new facilities, and then set about the 7 week process of getting it done, totaling some 600 man hours. The Analogue Laboratory owes it’s current existence not only of those who pledged but also the unwavering support of our friends, family and the remarkable individuals who have helped us along the way. This page is to say thank you to all of those who have helped keep the alchemy alive.

The Analogue Lab wouldn’t even be a thing without our supportive partners and families; Alex’s Lizzy Emery and Aurelia’s Brian Domroese and sons Orlando and Azaro.

The Analogue Lab also wouldn’t exist without Andrew Dearman. That’s a fact.

The Analogue Lab was packed up and moved by Alex, Aurelia, Kim Bishop, Siana Panakera-Thorpe, Leah Panakera-Thorpe, Krystal Hilton and Andrew Dearman. It was a very long day.

The Analogue Lab found a new home thanks to Erin Fowler and Amber Cronin of The Mill, who for some reason did not think it was at all insane.

The Analogue Lab was built by Alex Bishop-Thorpe, Aurelia Carbone and Andrew Dearman, with the assistance of Steven Lademan and Andy Plumberofawesomeness, as well as Alice Blanch and James Tylor. Kim Bishop’s powertools were also well borrowed, and Brian’s ladder still hasn’t been returned.

The Analogue Lab would also like to thank Ductware for their support in donating all of the components we needed to put our ventilation system in place. It is a massive deal. The crate used to ship the ducting has since been turned into a camera. That isn’t a joke.

The Analogue Lab would like to thank those who pledged their support to our Pozible campaign: Hailey Lane, Kristen Coleman, Mark Herbert, Amalia Alpareanu, Amy Patterson, Lauren Macklin, Clare Gross, Alissa Bishop-Thorpe, Karen Tenni, Nici Cumpston, Stephen Barnett, Margaret Lloyd, Will McRostie, Alysha Hermann, Jemima Kemp, Audrey Emery, Elisabeth Werts, Gary Sauer-Thompson, Nina Bosco, Chris Bell, Therese Williams, Steve Wilson, Marc Morel, Craig Arnold, Lana Adams, Linh Chameleon, Jess Matthews, Ash Tower, Mira Soulio, John Semmens, Michael Waite, Nathan Roennfeldt, Helen Bennets, Sonya Hender, Lauren Mustillo, Leanne McPhee, Danica McLean, Jenny Spencer, Ula Blocksage, Ursula Halpin, Mark Kimber, Ella Radke, Deborah Paauwe, Tony Kearney, Simone Tippett, Kerry Youde, Kylie Macey, Lizzy Emery, Sundari Carmody, Juliet Meredith Webster, Lisa Picciau, The Centre for Creative Photography, and a bunch of others who chose to remain anonymous.