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January’s Pinhole Workshop





On the 20th of January we hosted our very first Pinhole Workshop here at the Lab with 7 participants, one of a new series of slightly shorter, cheaper intermediate courses where we spend a few hours showing you what to do and then let you run wild for the rest of the day while filling you with water, food and snacks to keep you going. It seems to be a pretty good format. We built 9 4×5″ Pinhole cameras with interchangeable darkslides and ‘lens’ boards, and they served us well as a reliable platform all day – we also built an 8×10″ model, because why not?

We’ll be using these same cameras as the basis for future workshops and general tinkering. I’ll be uploading some more resources for building pinhole cameras at home this coming week too.

You can also read up what Kylie Macey got up to on the day here on her Blog.