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Darkroom Crash Course at The Lab

On Saturday and Sunday we ran our very first Crash Course A & B workshops at The Lab, and it was ALL KINDS OF AMAZING. The idea of Crash Course A was just to introduce people to developing their film at home and step them through the process, and we decided to offer a Crash Course B if people were interested in printing their negatives the analogue way as well. We kind of assumed that people would be keen to develop their own film but probably carry on with a digital workflow after that point – and we were entirely wrong. Everybody from Crash Course A wanted to come to the second day of printing, and they did spectacularly at it.

Teaching people to print would have to be one of our favorite things, and thanks to Adrian, Alissa, Gemma, Jessica, Katy and Margot, we had a full house in the darkroom for the first time ever. That means six people on six enlargers making prints, all day long. You can only imagine how exciting that is, considering that 4 months ago there wasn’t a darkroom standing there at all. And they were incredible at it – they picked it up and ran and after the first few hours they were teaching eachother tricks and asking more and more questions – to the extent that we’re drawing up a Crash Course C to fill up their brains even more.

It’s an exciting time to be in the darkroom.